Popularity on YouTube

Charice became widely known when she first attracted attention in the cyberworld when the FalseVoice channel of YouTube posted her Little Big Star performance of Whitney Houstons’s hit, “I Will Always Love You”. Many viewers thought her singing was fake, and that she was only lip synching because of her unbelievable vocals. Another popular video was a face-off between Pempengco and America’s Got Talent winner, Bianca Ryan. These videos brought Pempengco to the attention of Ten Songs Productions, a record company based in Sweden. She then traveled to Stockholm in June 2007 and recorded seven songs, which included four cover songs, namely Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You,” Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” Amy Diamond’s “It Can Only Get Better,” and the Shakespears Sisters “Stay” plus three original songs, “Amazing,” “All The Money in the World,” and “Born to Love You Forever.” There is no news about when an album will be released.

A few months later, FalseVoice released a video of Charice singing the Dreamgirls anthem, “And I Am Not Telling You I’m Not Going.” This earned her an invitation from one of the four national television networks in South Korea, Seoul Broadcasting System, on October 13,2007, to perform on a talent show called Star King. The Korean audience was wowed by her rendition of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” She also sang a duet, “A Whole New World”, with Kyuhyun  of Super Junior. Many viewers reposted her Star King performance on YouTube, and Charice found her way into American Television. TV network E!’s The Daily Ten featured her Star King performance with the headline, “A Star Is Born” on November 14,2007, 2007 and then titled her “Queen of the Week” on the Hollywood Royalty segment, this time with the headline, “A Queen Is Born” on November 16, 2007.

Charice’s performance on Star King was featured on The Ellen Generes Show on its Novermber 28, 2007 episode, in which Ellen showed web videos of different people she would like to have as guests on the show. After showing the video, DeGeneres did a standing ovation and imitated Charice’s gestures. She later personally invited the young singer to perform on the show.


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